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Explanation of Coverages

Liability Coverages- payment to others when you are at fault
    Bodily Injury- example) 100/300 (pays up to $100,000 for injuries/death per person injured/ $300,000 limit per accident.  BI also pays legal defense costs if you are sued.)

    Property Damage- ex) $100,000 (pays up to $100,000 for damages to others' property resulting from the accident. Cars, buildings, guard rails etc.  PDalso pays legal defense costs if you are sued.)

Pays you in the event of an accident 
   UM - (Uninsured Motorist) covers your Bodily Injury if you are hit by someone without insurance, or if their limits are not high enough to cover all expenses)

    PIP- (Personal Injury Protection or No Fault coverage)- NY is a "no fault state" which makes this coverage mandatory on all NY Auto policies.  PIP offers $50,000 of coverage TO THE POLICY HOLDER for medical, hospital and funeral expenses. Also covered in this limit are people in the insured vehicle and pedestrians struck by the insured vehicle.  If you are hit by another driver, this coverage will pay your medical bills until this limit is exhausted. Once the limit is exhausted, the remaining bills and expenses will be picked up by the at fault persons policy.  No fault means your policy will act first, no matter whose fault it was. You can increase this limit with APIP (Additional Personal Injury Protection)

    Comprehensive- (Comp) covers you for any "Other than Collision" losses such as fire and theft and requires a deductible.  You can add "Glass coverage" which waives the deductible if you need to replace any glass on your vehicle.
   Collision- is used when if your vehicle overturns or collides with another object. This coverage pays for the damage to your vehicle and uses a deductible. Collision coverage can sometimes extend to a non-owned vehicle or rental vehicle.

    Rental- Used if you are at fault in an accident and need a rental vehicle while your car is in the shop.  This coverage usually provides $30/day up to $900 total for cost of the rental.

    Roadside- provides towing of a covered disabled vehicle to the nearest qualified repair facility and labor on a covered disabled vehicle at the place of disablement when necessary due to a covered emergency. 

Ways to Save Money

    Defensive Driving Class- Visit https://transact.dmv.ny.gov/pirp/ to sign up for an online class.  Upon completion, give us a copy of the certificate and you can receive a 10% discount off of your liability and collision premium.

    Higher Deductibles-  If you have physical damage coverage for your vehicle (comp & collision), you can pay a lower premium if you increase your deductible. Common deductibles are $250, $500, and $1000.

    Good Student Discount- Some carriers offer discounts to current college students who provide transcripts with a cumulative GPA over 3.0.

     Dropping Rental Vehicle Coverage-(appox. $40/year)  If you are at fault in an accident and need a rental while your car is in the shop-this coverage usually reimburses $30 a day.  Generally, and depending on the severity of damage to your car, you will have more money in your pocket without this coverage even if you have an accident every 3 years.

    Checking Account Withdrawal- Some carriers offer discounts if you elect to have your payment electronically withdrawn from your bank account each month.  We can easily sign you up with a voided check or routing/account numbers.










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