Uber Insurance Tips

August 01, 2022
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If you drive for Uber, you do in fact have some liability and physical damage coverage to your vehicle when you are "online". Most drivers assume that because Uber offers insurance, that it's perfect.  After hearing some horror stories, I'm here to let you know the amount of liability coverage offered by Uber drastically changes depending on what you're doing as a driver, and is broken into 3 Periods. Here is the fine print...

Period 1 - when app is on, the driver is looking for a passenger, but ride not yet accepted

Period 2- after ride is accepted, and driver now on the way to pickup

Period 3 - passenger in vehicle

Anytime the driver has the app open, but not en route or during trips, the Uber policy is only providing Liability limits of $50,000/100,000/25,000, and provides No Collision Coverage. What makes this worse is there is no coverage on your Personal Auto Policy either, due to Exclusions when "Driving for a Fee" or "used for public or livery conveyance". This is a huge gap in coverage that many are not aware of.

When drivers are on their way to pickup, and when passengers in their vehicle, the Uber policy limit increases to $1,000,000 in liability, with a $2500 deductible for Collision. The $1M in liability is great, however coming up with $2500 to cover the deductible to fix your car is not.

If you drive for any ridesharing company, give us a call so we can quote you a Personal Auto policy with Safeco. They are a cutting edge carrier who offers a Ridesharing Endorsement to extend coverage in these instances.

Link to Uber Website with their Insurance Info

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Ben Sequeira