Condo Insurance in New York

A condominium is a valuable investment, and like any home, you should protect it against different perils. The best way to do it is by taking condo insurance from trusted insurers like Rowledge & Falvo Insurance Agency in Scotia, NY. With our help, you will find coverage unique to your needs.

Why You Should Get Condo Insurance

Condominium insurance isn't legally mandatory in New York, but condo associations and mortgage lenders require unit owners to get it. Remember that lenders invest a lot in your condo purchase, and taking insurance from us helps them know that their investment is safe.

Maintaining your coverage is also essential, as your lender wouldn't need to get one for you. In most cases, such policies are expensive and offer limited coverage compared to what we would otherwise provide.

How to Get Condo Insurance

When you contact us for condo insurance, we'll ask you to reference your homeowner's association master policy. We will then review the policy to help us determine the coverage you need. Without checking your master policy, we may duplicate coverage already in your master plan.

Evaluating the Cost of Condo Insurance

When calculating condo insurance, we will ask you about the condition and age of your condo. Ideally, we charge a higher premium for older condos than new ones because they usually require more repairs. You should also expect to pay a higher premium if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions.

We might also ask to see your credit history when determining your condo insurance premium. Bad credit means you'll receive a low rate, with good credit translating to improved rates. The total value of your possessions also plays a significant role in helping us determine the insurance rate we should charge.

Get Condo Insurance Today in Scotia, New York

Do you have a condo in New York and want to keep it safe from damage but wondering whether to take condo insurance? Talk to one of our agents at Falvo Insurance Agency in Scotia, NY to guide you on selecting the perfect coverage.