Flood Insurance in New York

According to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), one inch of flood water can cause damage worth $25,000. To effectively prepare against havoc brought about by extreme weather, consider taking flood insurance. If you need clarification on whether it's the right step, speak to knowledgeable insurers like Rowledge & Falvo Insurance Agency in Scotia, NY. We will help you learn about coverages that will help you achieve maximum protection.

Buying Flood Insurance

When you contact us about flood insurance, we'll start by sharing background information to help clear any misconceptions. For instance, your community doesn't have to participate in National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or live in a flood plain before taking flood insurance.

You should also understand that not all the losses you suffer will be covered by flood insurance. That's why with our team of experts, we'll help you find a cover that's right for you.

Determining Flood Insurance Premium

We use many variables to calculate the rate of flood insurance. Generally, if your home is in an area prone to flooding, you'll pay a higher premium than a low-risk area. Also, you should expect to pay higher premiums for older homes than those incorporating modern building techniques to mitigate floods.

We also set insurance rates based on the deductible you pay. Typically, paying higher deductibles reduces your insurance premium, while lower deductibles increase the insurance rate.

Renewing Flood Insurance

The flood insurance you purchase from us won't renew automatically, so consider paying it when you receive a notice of expiration. Going past the grace period (one month after your due date) will result in policy cancellation, forcing you to make a new application. Late insurance premium payments can also negatively affect your policy rating.

Seek Flood Insurance Today in New York

Are you a renter or homeowner in New York and haven't yet taken flood insurance? If so, reach our team at Rowledge & Falvo Insurance Agency in Scotia, NY to learn more about the flood coverage that's right for you.