Landlord Insurance in New York

Rental property may be among your most significant investments, so obtaining landlord insurance is wise to protect against damage from fire, theft, or other unforeseen events. Our Rowledge & Falvo Insurance Agency team, serving Scotia, NY, can help structure coverage to best meet your insurance needs as a landlord.

What Is Landlord Insurance?

New York does not require landlord insurance by law, though a lender may require that a policy be in place. Still, few New York landlords want to be without landlord insurance because they understand their homeowner's insurance policies do not cover long-term rental properties (rented for six months or more).

Landlord insurance safeguards your assets and income because, like a homeowners policy, it typically covers damage to:

  • Dwellings: Caused by fire, wind, hail, and similar events
  • Other Structures: Detached garages, fences, and the like
  • Personal Property: Other possessions you own on the property, such as lawnmowers, washing machines, and dryers
  • Personal Liability and Medical Payments: Legal fees and medical bills if someone is injured while on your property

Landlord insurance can also cover the loss of income that results from the potential inability to collect rent while the property is under repair.

Also, like homeowners' policies, landlord insurance often excludes certain damages unless you add them to your coverage. These exclusions may include:

  • Burglary and vandalism
  • Water and sewer backup
  • Flood and erosion damage

Properly insuring your rental property requires a series of decisions that depend on your unique situation and risk tolerance. The guidance of skilled and experienced agents can help you make an informed decision resulting in a policy that best meets your needs.

Working with Rowledge & Falvo Insurance Agency

Rowledge & Falvo Insurance Agency proudly serves Scotia, NY, and the local area. We have experience with a range of insurance issues, including landlord insurance. So, call or stop by today to protect your family and business against the financial consequences of unforeseen events.