Umbrella Insurance in New York

Umbrella insurance is an effective way to obtain additional protection besides regular insurance policies. Umbrella insurance is considered personal liability insurance that covers you when your standard policies reach their limits. We offer umbrella insurance policies at Rowledge & Falvo Insurance Agency in Scotia, NY.

Umbrella Insurance Requirements

New York does not legally require you to purchase umbrella insurance. This type of insurance is optional but highly recommended, especially if you have many assets.

Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Here are some of the things that umbrella insurance may cover:

  • Your umbrella insurance policy may cover you for any claims that exceed their limits. These policies include home, auto, boat, rental, and liability policies. However, it will not cover any damage to your property or possessions.
  • Not only does umbrella insurance cover you, but it also covers members of your household.
  • Umbrella insurance covers wrongful entry, malicious prosecution, and invasion of privacy.
  • You can feel confident knowing that it will cover your attorney fees and additional legal expenses if you are sued.
  • Umbrella insurance also covers false imprisonment, slander, and libel.

A few examples of when your umbrella insurance may kick in include:

  • Your dog escapes your home and attacks a neighbor who is walking outside. Your neighbor files a lawsuit against you for their lost wages and medical expenses.
  • Your son gets into a physical fight with another student at school and punches the other student, causing severe bodily injury. The parents of the other student then sue you.
  • Your teenage daughter hosts a party at your home while you are out of town. One of her friends brings alcohol, and one of the other friends is arrested for driving under the influence. The family of that friend then sues you.

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