Top 3 Ways To Stop Intruders

There are so many responsibilities that come along with home ownership, and protecting your home from intruders is definitely top of the priority list. Here at Rowledge & Falvo Insurance Agency, serving Scotia, NY and the surrounding areas, we want to help homeowners make smart choices.

Here are the top 3 ways to stop home intruders:

Home Security Systems 

Home security systems have proven an effective way to stop intruders. In a lot of cases, just having signs posted on your property advertising that the home is protected by a certain security company is enough to discourage intruders from even considering your home. 

Home security systems are advanced enough today to have you connected with first responders and law enforcement in real time when the system is triggered. This is a proven way to stop intruders and to get emergency help during other types of emergencies as well. 

Updated Windows, Doors, and Locks

Another important step you can take to discourage intruders is to make sure your windows, doors, and locks are updated. Older doors, windows, and locks are easy to access, and intruders know this. Modern home updates of this type will have enhanced security, are stronger, and are more difficult to access. 

Good Security Practices 

The other important way to protect your home is by practicing good security behaviors at home. This includes locking up at night and when you leave the house. It can also include keeping your property well-lit. You also need to be selective about who has access to keys, lock codes, and other means of accessing your home. 

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