Why Do I Need Flood Insurance?

Imagine waking up to find your precious belongings swimming in murky water, your cherished memories literally washed away. This is a nightmarish reality that millions of homeowners face every year due to flooding, the most common and costly natural disaster in the U.S.

Yet, many individuals are unknowingly unprotected against this devastating peril because they believe their standard homeowner’s insurance policy covers such events – an unfortunate misconception that often leads to significant financial loss. At Rowledge & Falvo Insurance Agency in Scotia, NY, we can help you secure flood insurance to protect your home.

Why Flood Insurance is Needed

In the volatile realm of mother nature, floods stand out as one of the most destructive forces. You may not reside near a water body or in a flood-prone area, but this doesn’t grant immunity from the possibility of experiencing a flood. It’s alarming to note that a large percentage of flood insurance claims come from moderate-to-low-risk areas.

Knowing that home insurance policies often do not cover flooding gives another compelling reason why embracing flood insurance is an absolute necessity for astute homeowners. Imagine pouring years into creating your dream haven only for it to be whisked away by unforeseen flooding. Bearing this in mind, paying a small annual premium could save you hundreds or perhaps thousands should disaster strike. By investing in comprehensive flood insurance, you’re safeguarding both your property and peace of mind. We can help you explore all of your options at our office.

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